Friday, August 8, 2014

Want to Help Pollinators? Go to Seed!

Last night I taught a seed saving class at a community garden. It's a funny thing, because I always talk about how you have to let multiple plants go to seed, which in a small space is nearly impossible to do. I imagine it's frustrating to people who garden in that type of situation.

But for many years I grew food in tiny plots of land- community gardens, pots on my balcony, 100 square foot places at rental units- you get the picture. I didn't have much space, but I sure loved what I had. Maybe you are gardening in a small space too.

honey bee on cilantro flowers
Thing was, despite not having much room to grow food for myself, no matter what I always let a few plants go to seed. I'm not talking about my peas and beans, those go to seed when I am producing food. I'm talking about leafy greens and herbs, like fennel, basil, arugula, cilantro, or pac choi.

Letting some plants go to seed is a great idea for your own self-sufficiency if you have a large enough population (see my blog post about seed saving here for more info), but if you don't, at least let some plants bolt to help out the pollinators.

At this point in the game, it is well-known that pollinators are in trouble. Habitat destruction, pesticides, you name it. I'm not interested in pointing fingers, but we can all do a little something to help them. By letting some plants "bolt" we are providing food for our bee friends. They really need our help right now, and it turns out we can survive without them!

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