Saturday, December 1, 2012

Do your New Years Resolutions Include Changing the World?

I don't normally have New Years resolutions because I'm one of those wackos that tries to grow and change year round. It's annoying to procrastinators. But this year, so much has happened in my life that I decided to check in and make sure I'm still on course and I realize that there is a shift in my thinking that needs to occur around education. So it is going to be my first resolution since I was a teenager- I'm going to teach kids about the art and science of growing organic food. Revolutionary stuff right?

I'm not going to abandon "grown-ups", but I'm going to spend more time trying to give kids the straight talk on food and farming they are looking for. How do I know they want this?

Last week I went to Garden Raised Bounty and spent two hours teaching the awesome teens there about seed saving, seed sovereignty and basic plant breeding. I realized how concerned these kids are about the inequities of the industrial food system, GMO's, and plant patents. They feel betrayed by the companies that provide food, and by the government agencies in charge of keeping our food system safe. I want to show them how to create a different food system in order to make the existing system obsolete (Thanks Bucky Fuller!)

So here I am- with my enthusiasm and experience, and I'm going to start a fire. You can join me or get out of my way.

Demo of seed cleaning with a kitchen colander
a student winnowing arugula seed
Learning about seed saving networks in the U.S.

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