Friday, December 28, 2012

Beat Winter Blues!

Got the winter blues? Why not beat it with beets?

Beets are fun and easy to grow, and store for months in your refrigerator or cellar- perfect for warm winter meals.

Direct sow the seeds next spring three to four weeks before your last frost (read more about that here). All root crops including beets prefer to grow in loose, rock-free soil. Use an organic fertilizer higher in phosphorus and potassium than nitrogen. Cover seeds in about 1/2" of soil, water well, and thin to one plant every three inches when seedlings are about an inch or so tall.

 Harvest beets when at least 2" in diameter. In cooler climates, sow seeds every couple of weeks throughout the growing season for continuous harvest. Beets prefer cooler weather, so if summers typically get above 80 degrees  in your area, restrict seeding to spring and fall.

The greens are great sauteed or in salads. The roots are good roasted, boiled, juiced, or grated raw in salads.

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