Friday, November 16, 2012

3 Simple Ways to Fight Back Against GMO's

I'm teaching a group of high school kids next week who have been studying GMO's and the effects of this technology on food sovereignty, genetic diversity, human and other animal's health, and farmers. They are currently feeling pretty dejected about the future, asking "What can we do?"

I have felt the same way in my life and I have some answers for them, and anyone else that feels like this battle is too overwhelming to continue fighting.

1. Learn to Save Seed. The more people who save seed, the less people have to enter the market and give money to companies that may be subsidiaries of the companies that own this "technology".

2. Eat as much organic food as possible, especially all corn, soy, and canola, and dairy that is rBGH free. If not organic, at least not processed, because processed foods contain lots of corn products and soy!

3. When your state has a ballot measure to ban the growth of GMO's or to label foods containing GMO's, get out the vote!

You have probably heard these things before, but it is because they are simple and they work!

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