Friday, August 3, 2012

My Long Emergency

Back in April I wrote a post about gardening in hard times. This morning after I got up, I started to feel like I am existing in one long emergency. It is difficult for me to relax. I can't sleep. Every day is a flurry of doctors and other life supporting activity. I'm not taking care of myself. My family is worried.

All of this because (as I wrote in April), I'm taking care of a cancer patient. I think what I'm experiencing is common for caregivers, because we are so focused on the other person's pain, discomfort and safety. It is a wonderful if not unfortunate reminder that my life by comparison isn't too bad.

So why am I talking about this here, on a gardening blog? Because like I said in the previous post, gardening can be a retreat from "life". It is a wonderful thing if you think about it- what other relaxing activity also brings about a result as amazing as providing you nourishing food?

I haven't been to my garden much in the last couple weeks, because my responsibilities have increased dramatically as of late. But I was reminded this week no matter what life throws us, we must take care of ourselves. If we don't, we will break.

I still believe gardening in hard times is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves- to get lost in weeding, to smell the flowers and ripening tomatoes, watch bees busy themselves, or notice the insects sip water off dark green leaves.

I'm going back to my garden this weekend to sow some winter crops, and to leave a bit of my worries behind in the soil. I hope for any readers out there that may have neglected their little patch of dirt this summer because some reason life threw them, they will join me in spirit and tend to their glorious, tenacious weeds.


  1. Thank you for that. I needed to read this today!

  2. thank you for commenting. It made me go back and read this post, and brought tears to my eyes remembering what my life was like back then. It wasn't so long ago, but life has already changed so much! It gets better!!