Wednesday, August 1, 2012

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Eat 'Em

There are more and more people thinking about food foraging because they are interested in eating local, and what could be more local than a weed in your backyard? Since so many people got excited about my Urban Plant Walk and ebook-- Guide to Food Foraging: 6 Easy Greens, I decided to start working on another ebook, this time looking for more recipes for each food.

It wasn't hard to find my next 6 greens. I went to the Olympia Seed Exchange Farm to do a workshop and while we walked the fields I saw some edible weeds in between the cultivated plants. These are plants I see nearly everywhere in disturbed sites. Many are considered invasive species, so what better way to do your part for the environment than to eat them?

I think the key to introducing any new food into your diet is learning how to properly prepare it, so at the risk of turning into a wild foods chef, I will also begin my hunt for tasty wild food recipes. I might even try my hand at escargot. Euell Gibbons, move over!

cute mollusk or tasty treat? you decide

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