Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Worms go in, the Worms go out

I have been trying to solve a little problem. Instead of sending all my food scraps off for the city to process and then sell back to me as compost, I wanted to do some of it at home. But I have limited space, and not enough "brown" for a proper compost pile. I decided to set up an indoor worm bin.

I began collecting eggshells, coffee grounds, and chicken bones in yogurt containers. This provides calcium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, as well as some other nutrients.

another good use of yogurt containers

Now that the containers are full, I'm going to dry the contents, and pulverize the eggshells and chicken bones. This makes it so the bones can be eaten, and the eggshells quicker to consume. The little bit of meat that is still left on the bones will actually be eaten by bacteria that hang out with the worms.

morning coffee grounds reused

rinsed out eggshells ready to be dried

Mom's chicken bones, frozen until ready for drying

I also just got my worms. These are composting worms (Eisenia fetida) from Wiser Worm Farm.

My new friends!

I will be setting up the bin this weekend, and start feeding them the pulverized meals. I will also give them some tender veggie scraps- all stuff they can eat easily and quickly.

This is the first post I will be doing as a series, so you will have to check back for pictures of the set up and results. I'm also going to be posting a great information pamphlet on the fertilizing properties of common food scraps that you can use in your garden-thus closing the loop, and reducing your garden's food miles!

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