Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where are your Seeds From?

This winter as you're gearing up for spring planting (and creating a detailed garden plan I hope!), consider where you are sourcing your seeds.

Are the seeds from your bio-region? If not, they may not suit your needs as well as a local source. For instance, the days to maturity will be more reliable from a local seed company, because the seeds are more likely to have been grown under some of the same conditions as your garden.

Also, supporting a small, local seed company helps to fight concentration in the seed industry. The more seed companies there are, the more likely we will have more diversity in the offerings-and what gardener doesn't want more seeds to choose from?

When I was at the Organic Seed Growers Conference a few weeks ago, I met a lot of the people that run these seed companies. These are families- not giant corporations. By purchasing from the little guy, you are helping put kids through college, pay the mortgage on the farm, and supporting good jobs in these communities. 

In the Pacific Northwest, there are several great seed companies to choose from, run by fantastic folks. Here's a few to consider:

Wild Garden Seed
Uprising Seeds
Adaptive Seeds
Siskiyou Seeds
Victory Seeds

Have fun and happy garden planning/planting. If you are interested in learning deeper garden planning skills, consider coming to my workshop where I teach you how to maximize your space and resources through creation of a plan. Click here for more details

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  1. Thank you for the seed sources! I am getting ready to purchase some and was just going to purchase from the larger chains because I didn't know where else to get them.