Sunday, January 29, 2012

Urban Food Production will Save You

There is no greater time to engage in urban food production in your backyard. With rising costs of...well...everything, and failing health in our ecosystems and human populations due to diet related disease, let's all raise up our pitchforks and get to work.

the following excerpt is from Patrick Mulvaney at The Ecologist, emphasis mine:

"The dominant food systems in the world are local, small-scale and organic food webs, not giant supermarkets chained to industrial commodity production that is destroying livelihoods, local markets and the environment. 70 per cent of the global population eats local food grown and harvested mainly by small-scale farmers, gardeners, livestock keepers and artisanal fishers – and they do this mostly without recourse to proprietary chemicals and seeds."

But for Americans and others who get most of their food at the large chain grocery stores...

"Today, there can be no greater scientific challenge in the food system than how to shift it towards a more ecological and healthier form of production and consumption that can be controlled locally. These systems are more productive per area of land or drop of water – and more sustainable, carbon neutral, biodiverse, resilient and locally determined – than industrial commodity production. Science should embrace the challenge."

to read the full article go here

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