Monday, January 9, 2012

A Glimpse into the Future

Yesterday I passed by this hillside garden and couldn't help but stop and take a little tour. As our cities get more crowded and farms are covered in blacktop and malls, we are going to have to get really creative with where we grow our food. Check out what these gardeners did in the Mt. Baker neighborhood of Seattle. What used to be unused space is now growing food for countless families. Before this garden existed, they may not have had access to any land at all!
Beautiful entrance with a cool metal sign

garlic garlic garlic (no vampires here!)

Fertilizer and watering buckets are tucked away in the concrete 

mustard greens abound in the maritime climate

this garden is easy to see from a major street

And close to housing above


  1. isn't it amazing what can be grown in winter in the Northwest? I love this garden!