Friday, December 30, 2011

To Choose or Not to Choose

More and more people are deciding to avoid genetically modified foods. Some countries, like Hungary and Peru are taking a stand by restricting GM seed imports or GM foods altogether, thus attempting to keep it out of the food system. In the good old U.S.A, avoiding these foods can be hard. That's because industry lobbies (and wins) against labeling products already on the market. 
In the states, we can currently only rely on non-government organizations that keep an eye on industry to keep us informed. One such organization is the Center for Food Safety. Here is a link to their shoppers guide:

They update it as necessary so we can have a CHOICE. That is, after all, an American value- is it not?

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  1. How is genetically modified different from hybridization? Don't we breed various plant species for resistance to fungus in the seeds, for example, or cattle to produce more milk?