Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Parking Strip or Produce Section?

In preparation for the Garden Planning workshop I teach each spring, I am thinking of ways to add food growing space to urban landscapes. Raised beds in the parking strip are one way, and they beautify the front of your home! Here is what one Seattle gardener did:

Parking strips are great places to add raised beds because they often offer more light than backyards, they are great conversation starters, and they encourage other people to be imaginative with their parking strips. 

At the urban farm where I lived in Olympia, once the front yard was turned into raised beds, anytime we worked outside people stopped to talk about gardening, fresh food, and how inspired they were. A city bus driver even stopped out front to discuss the basil!


  1. a parking strip is the grassy area between a road and the sidewalk that is in front of your house (when you live in the city). In Seattle, it used to be costly to get a permit to plant that space, so most people left it in grass. They changed the law in 2009 so people can plant stuff there, and many people have begun building tiny raised-bed vegetable gardens.