Monday, December 19, 2011

Killing It Softly

In an attempt to encourage my best friend Marlo to eat more local  veggies, I am killing a section of her lawn so I can build raised beds in the spring. Here are some pictures of the first phases of the project where I sheet mulch.
Since they just moved into their house there were plenty of cardboard boxes (tape and staples removed) including pizza boxes. 

...upon which I put leaves I raked up from the front yard and some dead fern fronds for good measure. The leaves are a couple inches deep. I wanted to add them for the worms, and as an extra grass killing layer in addition to the cardboard and mulch
This box made moving the leaves from the front yard to the back yard easier. I raked the leaves directly into the box, then ferried it to the back with a little help.

Here's the fern fronds, I'm starting to add the partially composted mulch while Marlo and her partner continue to rake leaves 
Looking good!


  1. Can't wait to see the transformation (both in the yard and my friend :)). I'm enjoying your blog as I have slowly increased the number of raised beds I have in my backyard and each year I'm a little more successful than the last.

  2. I'm excited for the transformation too. This has been a long time coming but there was never a yard to do it in! I'm just glad she tolerates my obsession with the natural world :)
    Good luck with your garden. If you ever want to talk vegetables, give me a shout.